Ben Roethlisberger



    TEAM: Pittsburgh Steelers


    NUMBER: 7


    HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6′ 5″ / 240 pounds

    COLLEGE (HOMETOWN): Miami (Ohio) (Findlay, OH)



    Steelers Outpost Podcast: Steelers Outpost Mad As Hell About Madden

    The Madden ratings are out and Ben's rating is 85 placing him as the #9 QB behind even Matt Ryan and and Phillip Rivers. We debate whether these ratings matter. You can imagine the Baby Boomer cannot understand this millennial concern. Mike Tomlin's interviewing prowess is underrated. He exceeds Belichick's brevity of factual information by delivering his own poetic perspectives. Although he says almost nothing, Mike opens up the house-cleaning effected by the Steelers this year. YOU ARE GOD! You are capable of raising the dead from the grade or overcome the debilitations of age and add one former Steeler to this year's team. Who do you resurrect? @NeilCoolong asks, which of these has the highest probability of occurring in 2019: Boswell > 88 percent FGs Dupree > 6 sacks Ben < 9 INTs Steelers > 10 wins We put our odds on it. Let us know what you think. "Real" football starts this week with the Steelers training camp opening this Friday, July 26.

    Just Press Play: Anything But Iron Cross

    This week, the next-man-up is in full effect, with our special guest Uncle Tony! This week, the guys talk a controversial call during the World Series of Poker, football players and their Madden ratings, Taylor Swift, and the Lion King. All that and more, this week on Just Press Play. Show notes and more can be found on our website. Music provided by TRUTH. This week’s episode is brought to you, use offer code JPP to add 50% your initial investment. Also, check out our friends at SeatGeek with the promo code ACAA at checkout.

    Steelers Outpost Podcast: Steelers Rotating Running Backs

    It's Father's Day so what a great time to relive Tom's failings as a parent and how Nick had to develop his passion for the Steelers on his own, like a lonely orphan, abandoned to his own devices and Nintendo 64.The Steelers seem to have the deepest contingent of running backs in years.  We talk about how the Steelers may allocate the workload to optimize results.Life isn't fair. The NFL certainly isn't.  But it's a business. Still, when you compare the productivity-to-cost ratio of certain players under their first contracts to what some less-productive veterans receive, you have to wonder where the justice is. In a related matter, what about the way the Steelers recently dealt with Chris Boswell?Culture versus Strategy?  Which is a more important facet to emphasize for a coach?  Is game planning, or constructing the appropriate environment more conducive to winning games?

    Steelers Outpost Podcast: Stacking the Steelers – 2018 versus 2019

    Mandatory mini camp gets underway this week SteelersOutpost is very optimistic about this year's roster. In our opinion, Pittsburgh is one of the few teams without a major hole on the field (except for perhaps placekicking). But have we improved over last year's team? We review the position groups to assessment improvement or deterioration from last year. How difficult is the transition from college to the NFL? And, are some positions harder to learn that others? We talk about what we consider to be the hard transitions and why the learning curve is so steep. Finally, the Steelers enjoyed some team building at Topflight Golf. Who do you think has the lowest handicap? Who do you think even knows his handicap?

    Joey Porter’s Comeback

    Joey Porter, formerly beloved, sometimes ornery Pittsburgh icon, lowered both barrels at Ben, not only implying that he isn't a good leader, but proclaiming that Ben's apology wasn't timely enough to be meaningful. We spend not a little time unpacking Joey's perspective. How important is it that almost 100% of the Steelers are taking part in the Organized Team Activities this year? It seems like there's an increased seriousness on the part of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Nick swore off emotional attachments to players after the heartbreak wrought by Le’Veon and AB. But how can you resist JuJu? He's the darling of Pittsburgh and much of the country. We've been courted before, however. Will this relationship turn out differently?



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