Andrew Norwell



    Team: Carolina Panthers

    Position: Guard

    Number: 68

    Experience: 4th season

    Height/Weight: 6’6″/325 lbs

    College: Ohio State

    Andrew's HIGHLIGHTS

    NEWS ABOUT Andrew Norwell

    Armchair All-Americans NFL Top 100: 80-71

    Check in every week for the next group of NFL Top 100 players. Introducing 80-71.

    Re-Drafting the 2014 NFL Draft

    It's a pretty dead time in the NFL Draft season so Rob Paul and AJ Marchese decide to hop into a time machine and re-draft the 2014 NFL Draft. They gush at the top end defensive talent with Aaron Donald, Khalil Mack, and JD Clowney. While Rob has trouble not drafting a player who has been retired for three years and AJ stops Jerry Jones from drafting Johnny Manziel. It's a mess, but in the fun way.

    Potential Pro Bowlers in 2018

    This week on RTS Rob Paul and AJ Marchese go position by position listing who they think is most likely to make the leap to the Pro Bowl for their very first time in 2018. They talk up a lot of young talented players and question the Pro Bowl voting system on multiple occasions. 

    Doubling up at left tackle?

    Explaining some of the reasoning behind and implications of the New England Patriots’ trade for Trent Brown and selection of Isaiah Wynn.

    Free Agency Roundup

    Rob Paul and AJ Marchese go team by team, breaking down and catching you up on all of the big NFL off-season moves. They also grade each team and are rarely impressed.

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