The Oklahoma State Cowboys will host their matchup with the rivalry Oklahoma Sooners this time around. With both teams coming off tough losses, they will look to be coming out with fire in this critical matchup with their rival. Here are your keys to the game…

Key Player, Oklahoma Sooners: Trae Young

Young was disappointing on the stat sheet Tuesday night, despite the stat sheet.  The Oklahoma stud put up 20 points, but was an ugly 8/21 from the field.

Trae Young could probably go in as the most crucial player in every one of Oklahoma’s games.  But in a rivalry matchup, your star has to show up.  That is simply Young’s responsibility this Saturday.

Key Player, Oklahoma State Cowboys: Brandon Averette

If OU’s PG, Trae Young, is the Sooners’ key player going into Bedlam, then Oklahoma State’s starting Point Guard Brandon Averette has to be OKST’s.

Versus Baylor on Monday, Averette put up just 5 points but delivered on his due.  He went 2/3 from the field and 1/1 from the line, doing everything he needed to do on offense.

When it comes to the defensive end of the floor, Averette can bring a tenacity when he needs it, therefore he comes in Saturday with that mindset on Young in GIA, it could be a very tough outing for Trae.

PREDICTION: Oklahoma- 63, Oklahoma State- 67, Final

When these two teams met up not too long ago in Norman, it turned out to be a disastrous embarrassment for the Pokes, losing by 20.  It should be assumed that they will simply not perform that bad.

While questioned about the game, head coach Mike Boynton claimed that the Cowboys played “immature Basketball”.  If there is any response the Pokes make to this indirect call to action, it would be to play much better.

The Sooners, on the other hand, will likely roll in a little lethargically given their recent loss and what will have been back to back road games.  It is most ideal for the Cowboys of Oklahoma State to take care of these given advantages and use their effort and hustle to slow down the Sooner offense and clinch a W.

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