The Ole Miss football team has played 4 games of their 2017 season. Matt Luke is doing his best to switch his interim tag for a permanent one, but so far things don’t look promising. Ole Miss has not impressed in any of their games thus far.

They snuck by both South Alabama and UT Martin with explosive plays and superior talent, but neither win instilled much confidence that this team could win many games this year. Ole Miss’s trip to Berkeley was not rewarding, as Ole Miss came out of the gate firing, but were outcoached after half time. Cal, a team not known for its defensive prowess, shut down the Rebel offense. Phil Longo did not seem to have answers or adjustments, and the Rebels lost their first game of the year.

Then came Alabama. Rational fans should have known this was a loss. This Ole Miss team isn’t the same team that beat Alabama back to back in recent years. Matt Luke and Phil Longo just weren’t ready for this type of test. Longo’s offense looked anemic, and Matt Luke had no answers to bring intensity from the Ole Miss sideline.

As the weeks go on, it looks more and more certain that there will be a new head coach in Oxford at the end of the year. So this brings us back to our Coaching Hot Board.

Ole Miss Coaching Hot Board: The Good, The Bad, and What We Think

Last week we covered Frank Wilson, the current head coach of the University of Texas San Antonio. This week, we will take a look at former LSU coach Les Miles.

Les Miles Background

Les Miles began his football coaching career at the University of Michigan as a grad assistant. He became an offensive line coach from 1982 until 1994 for the University of Colorado and the University of Michigan. From 1995 to 1997 he served as the offensive coordinator for Oklahoma State. He left to be the Dallas Cowboys tight ends coach in 1998 and came back to Oklahoma State to be their head coach in 2001. In 2005 he left to become the head coach at Louisiana State University where he won 2 SEC Titles and a National Championship.

The Good

In 16 yeas as a head coach, Les Miles had 1 losing season. His first year as the head man at Oklahoma state Miles went 4-7. From 2002-2016 a Les Miles led football team never won less than 7 games. All the man did was win football games. He recruited at an extremely high level, finishing outside the top 10 in recruiting only once in his tenure at LSU. He is seasoned, he is a veteran, he could guide this team through the deep rut they are in right now.

Les Miles is a legend, plain and simple. Hes endeared by media, and recruits love him. I polled a few recruits from the south east this week about who they think would be a good fit as the new head coach at Ole Miss. Every answer I got was Les Miles.

Chad Bailey, a 4 star linebacker from Texas that has been recruited by Ole Miss for a while, replied with Les Miles as the coach he thinks he would like to see in Oxford. After asking him his reasoning behind it, he replied “Les Miles is a legend to me”.

D’Jordan Strong, a 3 star defensive back at South Panola University in Batesvile Ms, also agreed that he thought Les Miles would be a good fit. “One of the greatest coaches in the NCAA and he coached my favorite player, Tyrann Matheui” Strong replied.

The Bad

Les Miles is aged. He is 63. He also wasn’t a coach that changed with the times very well. His offenses were very pro style, even after the spread took over college. For some reason he was never able to sign a quality quarterback either. Although when he did have good quarterback play, LSU was the team to beat.


Les Miles isn’t the answer. His offense is outdated, and I don’t know what kind of staff he could put together these days, although I am pretty sure it wouldn’t be completely terrible. With that  being said, he wouldn’t be the worst hire. He would give Ole Miss positive publicity, and he would be able to get talent to Oxford, and as I said last week, that is the most important factor. I feel like he would be a patch hire, guide the program through the sanctions, and let the administration have a fair chance to hire a quality coach in a few years. –Chandler Hemphill

No, No, No. He will eat all of our new natural grass. In all seriousness, Miles is not a bad coach. He won a national championship. However, college football passed him by due to his unwillingness to adapt. Miles is older and not the right fit for Ole Miss. The current state of Ole Miss football is built for a younger coach. –John Gillon

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