This week 4-star athlete Peyton Powell decided to push back his recruiting decision to a later date that has yet to be announced. As a Buckeye fan this has to make you wonder if the fiasco in Columbus right now is making him have second thoughts. Powell was set to make his decision on August 13.

There’s More to the Story

There are two factors that seem to be involved with this story. The first factor is that Ohio State’s future is in question with all that has gone on recently. We have yet to know all of the facts and it leaves Buckeye fans and recruits questioning who will be at the helm starting this season. As a recruit who was most likely ecstatic over the idea of playing for Urban Meyer, Powell has to wonder who would be his head coach if he were to join the program.

You can say that Powell could just commit and if the Urban Meyer situation does turn out to be as bad as some may think and he gets fired, Powell could just de-commit. However, I don’t think most recruits like the idea of doing that. Recruits generally end up de-committing because either they jumped at the first big offer they got and didn’t realize that they could get other big offers or there could be a coaching change/scandal within the program.

The second reason Powell pushed back his decision date was that he landed an offer from Oklahoma. The Sooners have been pushing hard for the 4-star recruit. They have a few advantages on the Buckeyes when it comes to recruiting Powell. The first advantage is that they are much closer to his home in Odessa, Texas. Secondly, they can say a number of negative things about the Ohio State program following this frenzy.

What Will Happen with Other Recruits?

My guess right now is that most recruits will just sit back and wait until all of the facts are presented. It is easy to get caught up in all of the different reports, but until we know what the Ohio State investigation finds, it doesn’t really mean much. Some recruits may be turned off by the idea of playing for Urban Meyer after this (if he is reinstated), but for the most part I don’t see there being much of an impact if what Meyer said in his most recent statement is true.

On the other hand, if Meyer is fired, there could be serious ramifications for 2019 and 2020 recruiting. Guys may start re-opening their recruitment and it could become a huge mess. That is something we will have to wait to discuss if Meyer is fired.

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