In 2009 the Philadelphia Eagles decided to trade their 1st round pick that season, along with a future 4th, for Bills left tackle Jason Peters. At the time he was already a two time pro bowler at the valuable left tackle position. In his eight season Peters has been to seven pro bowls and was named an All pro player three times. He has been the one player with the Eagles through the Andy Reid, Chip Kelly, and Doug Pederson eras while remaining extremely productive.

Jason Peters was the best tackle in the NFL for years. His combination of speed, and footwork, as an ex tight-end worked out very well with the strength he had built since joining the league.  Peters is also one of the rare lineman who in his hay day could actually be considered a weapon.  The only lineman in the league who compares to that right now is Dallas Cowboys left tackle Tyron Smith. The thing that Peters used to do better than anyone else in the league is run down the field on a screen. Because he was a tight end in college at Arkansas, Peters contained that athletic ability to easily get down the field and make big plays bigger.

Even with his production declining last year, Peters ended up being a good tackle. For the first time in four years he was not a pro bowler but for a franchise that has been saddled with bad picks and trades of late the Peters move has proved to keep the offensive line in check. In the end Jason Peters has assured that the Eagles offensive line has not been the thing that held the birds back.

At 35 years old, Peters is on the downturn of his career and will more than likely retire in the next three seasons but Eagle fans should never forget the greatness that Peters has displayed over his eight seasons with the team.

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