With Week 9 finished, let’s see what the fans are thinking about with their teams coming down the back nine.

NFC East:

Cowboys:  All that talk about the Eagles, and people still aren’t really paying attention to the true story of the NFC East. We’ve had an incredibly tougher schedule, and don’t look now, but we are still right in this race baby. Yeah Eagles’ fans are loud right now but it’s always the little brother that’s most annoying. Without Zeke we did something that the overrated team in Philly couldn’t do and that’s beat the Chiefs. We’ll see them soon enough though.


This is it. We just poured it on against the best defense in the league and looked basically unstoppable. All of my fears are officially gone and I can be confident with this group. This is going to be the team that finally does it and wins the ring. No more will we have to see 5, 4, 3, 0 in the NFC East. Sure they’ll say one but after this, we will finally be Super Bowl champions. The time is now. Wentz I believe in you and anyone who doesn’t is a fan in this division that is scared.

Giants:  Yeah this was expected. This team has officially quit on McAdoo-doo and Eli Face. Now everyone is going to say Goff is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Yes he’s good but man this defense didn’t even try. I mean what other team have you ever seen that let’s a 3rd and 33 go for a touchdown? Only the Giants. Maybe we can at least beat the Cowboys or Eagles once, that’ll could make me happy.


What is this team? Seriously what the heck do I do with them? On one end they go out and do everything possible to irritate me, but then on the flip side they beat the Seahawks.  Not only that but the defense looks back to the level it did when we played the Raiders earlier in the year. Why can’t we do this to freaking teams in the division? UGGGH.


NFC North:

Lions:  It was good game by Stafford on Monday night against a team missing the best player in the league. Yay? Of course none of this will matter unless the Vikings start losing big time because we know the Lions will find a way to drop two more of these games which all should be wins down the stretch. I believe in Stafford (kinda), but I don’t believe in the team culture. At least not yet.


Without Rodgers we will lose every game for the rest of the season. There is no other way to slice it and nothing else matters for this unit right now.


NFC South:


Yeah this sucks. Winston is now shutdown for a few weeks and ‘The Beard’ himself, Ryan Fitzpatrick is at the helm. We can’t run the ball and we definitely can’t stop anyone. Now we are clearly the worst team in the division and I would just sit Winston out for the rest of the year and start the tanking effort. I should have known not to believe in this team before the season. Screw HBO.

Falcons:  Hey losses happen. It was a tough game on the road against a divisional rival. The team just wasn’t good enough to get through the Panthers consistently. Ryan had a good game, but it just wasn’t enough. It’s ok because we get to play Carolina at home so we’ll get them back. Yup, everyone is ok. This is fine….


Woooo, boy did we need this!!!! Cam wasn’t perfect passing the ball but when you consider that we just traded away our best receiver, that’s fine. In the end Cam is just going to have to be this version of himself for us to get where we want to go. But for the troubles that the offense has, no one talks about how good the defense is. Not scared of the Saints at all cause our defense can handle them.

Saints:  Another week another win in the Dome!! This team is a complete unit from top to bottom for the first time since 2007. The defense just doesn’t let anything up and they even make teams on offense freak out like I haven’t seen before. That’s all thanks to a rookie cornerback in Marshon Lattimore who has changed the fabric of the team and even the division. Just don’t let us get home-field or watch out.


NFC West:


Well we didn’t want to go out there and throw Jimmy G into the chaos that is being our quarterback right now. Beathard is out here throwing the ball 51 times in a ten point game and Shanahan either wants to test out all of his passing plays or he actually just wants Beathard to suffer for some reason. Either way the tanking was fun and all Kyle, but we should get one win under the belt.

Cardinals:  Man Adrian Peterson still can carry a team. Sure he carried us over the 49ers a.k.a. the trash of the division, but still carrying Drew Stanton over a win against anyone in the NFL is an impressive feat. I don’t know what to make of this team and I just can’t tell if they are dead yet or not. The playoffs are still somehow in their grasp so I guess we can go for it.

Rams: Everyone has been talking about the Eagles and the Seahawks and that’s ok. No one wants to mention that we have the best offense in the league and put the absolute smackdown on a team in a road game. Goff and Gurley are truly the best quarterback/running back combo in the league and people better start waking up to see that.


Well we do this every year now it seems. Each season we do just enough to get out of home field advantage that led us to a few Super Bowls. Why? Because sometimes the offense just completely forgets how to play football. It’s amazing, unexplainable. But when you replace Beastmode, with Feastmode, this is what you end up with.


AFC East:

Bills:  I KNEW IT. Deep down inside I knew not to trust this team all along. I slowly started falling into the trap, but this Jets game woke me back up to the real world. We don’t have a quarterback who can really get it done when things aren’t set up by the running game, but we knew that already. The hope is that Kelvin can change some of that but we don’t even know if he’s laying off those burgers.


We’re just an 8-8 team.  Cutler played the best game he’s played in years and it didn’t matter because this team’s ultimate destiny is to be just decent enough to occasionally surprise good teams and just bad enough to lose to more mediocre teams.  If we played in a slop fest like the AFC South we’d win that division though.


LET’S GROOVE TONIGHT. Well this team continues to fight at least. I’m done giving them crap for not tanking. I can’t do it anymore.Todd Bowles with his weird sideline smirk thing has ultimately proven to be a really good coach. He’s willing to adjust to any team to win the game and I didn’t see that from him last year. Maybe the future of the Jets is bright after all.


AFC North:


Yeah A.J. Green finally snapped but I don’t think it had that much to do with Ramsey. I think in the end, seven years of playing for Marvin Lewis makes a player lose it. To think the one guy in a major fight that’s making the Bengals look bad is one of the calmest players in the league and one of the few guys who isn’t a diva. Yeah fire Lewis please.


I actually didn’t have to watch the Browns this week so joke’s on you.

Ravens:  Yeah this has been the season, just close loss after close loss in which Flacco plays terribly. It’s to the point where I actually think Andy Dalton could get this team to the playoffs by virtue of not playing awful. Andy FREAKING Dalton. Don’t let the stats tell you Flacco was ok, he wasn’t. He was terrible as always.


AFC South:

Colts: Brissett might have to become the starter for this team now period. It’s looking more and more like Luck just might never play for this team again. I have no clue what’s going on under the scenes but these so-called journalist need to do their jobs and figure it out. Either way we somehow can still make the playoffs in this mess of a division.

Texans: Right after the Astros win the World Series, we still had our hearts broken. All anyone in the NFL can hope for is that Watson comes back and is the player that we saw against the Seahawks two weeks ago. Of course we lost because there are only so many team leaders you can lose in a season.


Well at the end of the day, we just keep winning. At this point we just have to battle to the playoffs and see what happens. I still don’t know if Mariota is good and I’m pretty sure that Mularkey isn’t, but 5-3 plus the division lead is all you can ask for.


AFC West:


Yikes. I don’t know how many other ways it should be put but that the Broncos need to find a way to get a legit quarterback. It has been far too long since they haven’t had one. Oh by the way this is Captain Obvious speaking. As for the fan in me, the defense getting ripped apart isn’t something I thought I would see this year. But maybe the team has finally given up.

Chiefs: I knew not to trust Smith. We went out and drafted a rookie for a reason and this is why. Smith is now starting to really let me down in big games that we need him to step up in. But this isn’t just him giving the ball to Kareem only 9 times, nothing seems to make any sense. And the defense without Berry just doesn’t cut it. No, Smith didn’t cause those problems but he can’t make the differecce when they happen either.


Again this team was really on the brink of being out of the playoffs for good, and yet again Carr came up big with a huge win. I don’t know what to make of this team or even this season, but I can definitely say that Carr can battle through a lot of adversity and get it done.

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