NFL Fan Overreactions: Week 16

Demetrius Mason talks to fans of each team whose games had playoff impact in week 16 about how their teams fared.

NFC East:

Can we please just fire Garrett already?  I know Jerry has that weird son coach thing going on but shoot at this point just we could just hire Tony Romo right?  Oh and Dez is past washed up done with him too.  Blow it all up!!!


Well this is what I expected.  You can’t lose MVPs in this league and come out on top in the end.  But wow Foles is scared to even throw a pass.  This sucks.  All of this just sucks.
NFC North:
Lions: We just lost to the Bengals.  The Bengals who basically have a dead coach walking in Marvin Lewis right now and a QB who inspires no confidence.  Yet that’s why we have been this whole season.  This team still won’t help Stafford with real talent and it showed yet again this year.


Don’t look now but we should be the clear favorites in the NFC.  Don’t even compare Foles to Case I mean they aren’t in the same class.  After everyone sleeping on us for a whole season this is our chance to take it.
NFC South
Falcons: well I don’t wanna hear about the Saints crying anymore because that was ridiculous.  It’s really just sad that their crying basically gave them this game as a result.  Whatever we have the Panthers at home for the playoffs I would take that ten out of ten times.


This is the perfect place for us to be.  Right under the radar as everyone else gets all the pub.  That’s fine this might be the exact place that Cam can strive in.  And now that Richardson is selling the team I can root without a conscious.  It’s fantastic!


Awwww did the refs not give you ever call this game??? Wahh cry me a river.  Really what happened is Kamara is back and when our team is healthy we just learn on the young Marshall Faulk and let him lead the way.

NFC West:


Gurley!!!! Your welcome for winning the fantasy leagues y’all.  He should definitely be in MVP discussion and now we are the most explosive team int he NFC.  And the most amazing thing is that people still aren’t respecting us.  Which is ah ok.

Seahawks: well that was ugly but in the end we are still in the race.  Everyone counted us out and now Earl Thomas is going rebel out here.  Shockingly Sherman might be the sane one in the group because without him they are coming apart quickly.  Whatever the case is it doesn’t look pretty but the results I’ll take.
 AFC East:
Bills: of course.  Offffff course.  Is it any surprise that the Patriots got yet another call?  Well it shouldn’t be.  They came out and gave the pats another one because they have the refs in their back pockets.  It’s crazy and we’re gonna miss the playoffs because of it.  It’s absurd.


Oh gosh.  Now the Bills are gonna cry about some call in the middle of the game like we didn’t wash them 37-16.  I wish they didn’t give us that call cause now everyone is coming up with dumb reasons.  EVERYONE!!! It’s Pats for 6…And it’s ok.

AFC North:
Ravens: everyone is sleeping on us but I don’t think people are realizing what kind of danger we will be in the playoffs.  For years people have raved playoff Eli but playoff Flacco is a stud too and now he’s got a chance so look out.
Steelers: this team looks different.  Don’t look now but I think the Patriots loss might be motivating these guys.  We looked as driven as we did all season in that game with the Texans.  For the first time I really believe we want the Pats this postseason (also Facebook has film that proves to differ).
AFC south:


Ouch.  Well we can’t really blame this one on Bortles what the heck happened to the defense.  Jimmy GQ really ripped us up all the way down the field.  That is bad sign if we can’t beat Doppler ganger Brady what will happen with the real one.  I’m not liking it.

AFC West:
Chiefs: well we look like we’ve gotten something back.  I have no idea what that thing is but we are at least beating the teams we’re supposed to beat again.  Finally Reid is using Hunnnntttt like he should as it gets colder and maybe we can make a run with that plan.

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