The New York Yankees are far behind the Boston Red Sox in the AL East but a favorable schedule could change things.

As everyone in the baseball world seems to be aware of, the Boston Red Sox swept the New York Yankees in a four-game series this past weekend. This was a very significant series with both teams fighting for the top spot in the American League East division.

When it was all said and done the Yankees went from being 5.5 games out of first place to 9.5 games. The final game summed up the entire series with the Yankees blowing a 4-1 going into the ninth inning.

A series like that at this point in the season can be very deflating to a team’s spirit, especially when that team is missing their most valuable player this season in Aaron Judge. The Red Sox have clearly been having a standout season and seem to always have a decent sized winning streak going. Currently sitting at 82-35, the Red Sox appear destined to finish the regular season with the top record in Major League Baseball. 

That being said, with Boston building a nearly double-digit lead in the division as we head into the middle of August (nine games as of Saturday morning) the New York Yankees should stop worrying about them.

I’m not saying they should throw in the towel and crown Boston the American League East champs right now. But unless they are playing them, the Yankees can not control whether or not the Red Sox win or lose. They can, however, control whether or not they win or lose, themselves.

And that is what they need to solely focus on right now, themselves. The Bronx Bombers can not let this recent series in Boston haunt them and get in the way of their main objective, which is to secure a spot in the postseason.

Going into this weekend the Yankees have a 4.5 games lead over the Oakland Athletics for the top Wild Card spot, with the Seattle Mariners 1.5 games behind the A’s. Other than Tampa Bay and Los Angeles, no other American League team is within 10 games of the wild card. 

So far they have done a solid job of bouncing back from the Boston series by winning four of their last five games. With a fairly easy schedule remaining this month (three vs Tampa Bay, three vs Toronto, four vs Baltimore, three vs Chicago, two vs Detriot, two vs Miami), the New York Yankees can solidify their position and focus on one thing, themselves. 

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