The Redskins may have lost one of the most dangerous deep-threat wide receivers the league has ever seen in DeSean Jackson to the Bucs through free agency, as well as Pierre Garcon, a strong veteran receiver, to the 49ers but the Redskins are looking to recover from this hit next season. On March 10th, the Redskins signed former Browns wide receiver Terrelle Pryor Sr., and on March 24th the Redskins announced that they had signed former Rams receiver Brian Quick.

Last season, DeSean Jackson finished with 1,005 yards and four touchdowns. With Jackson’s ability to take the deep ball as well as attract attention from safeties, he is a huge impact player. Pierre Garcon finished the season with 1,041 yards and three touchdowns. A veteran and locker room leader, Garcon is a talent that can’t easily be replaced. Replacing these talents will not be easy, but the Redskins are off to a great start.

Terrelle Pryor and Brian Quick Hope to Contribute 


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The Redskins now have one of the bigger receiving groups in the league, with eight players over six feet on the roster. Terrelle Pryor led the Browns last year with 77 receptions 1,007 receiving yards and four touchdowns. Pryor will do his best to replace DeSean Jackson and being 6’4″ with 4.38 speed gives him a great deal of potential. One of the things that led Pryor to sign with the Redskins is the offense, in particular Kirk Cousins, and the rest of the receivers. Shortly after signing with the Redskins Pryor exchanged texts with Cousins and fellow receivers, expecting to work out with them all in the offseason. Pryor went on further to say that “I’d love the opportunity to play with Kirk. He’s a great quarterback.”

Brian Quick, a 218 pound 6’3″ Appalachian State product spent five seasons with the Rams recording ten touchdowns during that time. Quick had the best season of his career last year with three touchdowns and over 500 yards. Brian Quick will give this Redskins offense, and even more height.

With this style of offense, the Redskins like to throw the ball downfield. Is it safe to say that Kirk Cousins and the offense will be able to air the ball out like they did last season? Speed will also be a factor, but the Redskins are also looking forward to having a healthy Josh Doctson. Doctson, with a lost rookie season due to injuries, is looking for a better outcome this upcoming season. Feeling optimistic about next year that the Achilles’ tendons are no longer giving him trouble, he reassured fans on his Twitter account.

Having Terrelle Pryor, Brain Quick, and Josh Doctson will help the Redskins’ offense recover from losing their two best receivers from last year. Having one of the biggest receiving groups in the NFL is great, but Redskins’ fans will have to wait until September to see how productive they will be.

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