NBA All-Star Game No Longer in North Carolina

Following the passing of the "bathroom bill" in North Carolina, NBA commissioner Adam Silver makes a stand and pulls the All-Star Game from the state.


Following the passing of North Carolina’s House Bill 2 or the “bathroom bill”, the NBA has pulled the 2017 All-Star Game out of Charlotte in protest. Commissioner Adam Silver announced on Thursday that they would pull out of North Carolina and look at other cities for possible candidates for the 2017 All-Star Game. Among the possible candidates, New Orleans looks to be a favorite.

Adam Silver is attempting to send a message that he will not stand for discrimination against LGBTQ staff. Silver hopes others with positions of leadership follow his example and stand for those who are being discriminated agaisnt.

Many, including the governor of North Carolina, were upset by the decision made by Silver. He felt Silver misinterpreted the law and in turn made a decision that could cost him the respect of the NBA fans. CharlotteĀ Hornets owner Michael Jordan was counting on the All-Star game to help his team financially and now this decision could dramatically change the outlook of their team.

Among the disappointed basketball fans is two time MVP Stephen Curry, who grew up in North Carolina while his father, Dell, played for the Hornets during Steph’s childhood. He is upset by the outcome but respects the commissioner for his decision.

Adam Silver is firm on his decision and doesn’t seem affected by the criticism. He now looks ahead to where the 2017 NBA All-Star Game will be hosted.

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