53-man roster

No. Player POS College Tenure (Years w/ MIN)
10 Fran Tarkenton QB Georgia 1961-1966; 1972-1978
11 Daunte Culpepper QB Central Florida 1999-2005
9 Tommy Kramer QB Rice 1977-1989
28 Adrian Peterson RB Oklahoma 2007-present
44 Chuck Foreman RB Miami (FL) 1973-1979
26 Robert Smith RB Ohio State 1993-2000
30 Bill Brown FB Illinois 1962-1974
80 Cris Carter WR Ohio State 1990-2001
84 Randy Moss WR Marshall 1998-2004; 2010
81 Anthony Carter WR Michigan 1985-1993
86 Jake Reed WR Grambling State 1991-1999; 2001
85 Sammy White WR Grambling State 1976-1985
83 Steve Jordan TE Brown 1982-1994
82 Kyle Rudolph TE Notre Dame 2011-present
81 Visanthe Shiancoe TE Morgan State 2007-2011
73 Ron Yary T Southern California 1968-1981
65 Gary Zimmerman T Oregon 1986-1992
67 Grady Alderman T Detroit Mercy 1961-1974
76 Tim Irwin T Tennessee 1981-1993
74 Bryant McKinnie T Miami (FL) 2002-2010
64 Randall McDaniel G Arizona State 1988-1999
71 David Dixon G Arizona State 1994-2004
76 Steve Hutchinson G Michigan 2006-2011
53 Mick Tingelhoff C Nebraska 1962-1978
78 Matt Birk C Harvard 1998-2008
88 Alan Page DT Notre Dame 1967-1978
93 John Randle DT Texas A&M-Kingsville 1990-2000
93 Kevin Williams DT Oklahoma State 2003-2013
77 Gary Larsen DT Concordia-Moorhead (MN) 1965-1974
97 Henry Thomas DT LSU 1987-1994
81 Carl Eller DE Minnesota 1964-1978
70 Jim Marshall DE Ohio State 1961-1979
56 Chris Doleman DE Pittsburgh 1985-1993; 1999
69 Jared Allen DE Idaho State 2007-2013
60 Roy Winston OLB LSU 1962-1976
59 Matt Blair OLB Iowa State 1974-1985
58 Wally Hilgenberg OLB Iowa 1968-1979
52 Chad Greenway OLB Iowa 2007-present
55 Scott Studwell MLB Illinois 1977-1990
50 Jeff Siemon MLB Stanford 1972-1982
55 Jack Del Rio MLB Southern California 1992-1995
20 Bobby Bryant CB South Carolina 1968-1980
26 Antoine Winfield CB Ohio State 2004-2012
45 Ed Sharockman CB Pittsburgh 1961-1972
39 Carl Lee CB Marshall 1983-1993
43 Nate Wright CB San Diego State 1971-1980
27 John Turner CB Miami (FL) 1978-1983; 1985-1987
22 Paul Krause S Iowa 1968-1979
47 Joey Browner S Southern California 1983-1991
42 Orlando Thomas S Louisiana-Lafayette 1995-2001
29 Karl Kassulke S Drake 1963-1972
14 Fred Cox K Pittsburgh 1963-1977
8 Greg Coleman P Florida A&M 1978-1987


Notable Head Coaches:

Mike Zimmer (2014-present)

Leslie Frazier (2010-2013)

Brad Childress (2006-2010)

Mike Tice (2001-2005)

Dennis Green (1992-2001)

Jerry Burns (1986-1991)

Bud Grant (1967-1983; 1985)

Norm Van Brocklin (1961-1966)


Starting Lineups



QB 10 Fran Tarkenton

RB 28 Adrian Peterson

FB 30 Bill Brown

WR 80 Cris Carter

WR 84 Randy Moss

TE 83 Steve Jordan

LT 65 Gary Zimmerman

LG 76 Steve Hutchinson

C 53 Mick Tingelhoff

RG 64 Randall McDaniel

RT 73 Ron Yary



LE 56 Chris Doleman

DT 93 John Randle

DT 88 Alan Page

RE 69 Jared Allen

LOLB 52 Chad Greenway

MLB 55 Scott Studwell

ROLB 58 Wally Hilgenberg

CB 20 Bobby Bryant

CB 45 Ed Sharockman

FS 22 Paul Krause

SS 47 Joey Browner



Who to Start at: DT, DE, OLB

Boy oh boy, the Minnesota Vikings and their Purple People Eaters, who to start? This was the utmost strenuous exercise for my cerebrum to work out. I left out Carl Eller and Jim Marshall off the end positions, and believe me, it goes to show how much Minnesota had throughout their history. Doleman and Allen would be able hold off the more modern players as they have proven that over the course of their respective careers.

At defensive tackle, I took Alan Page and John Randle, no question Randle is a no-brainer, and Page was just as dominant. Kevin Williams had a stellar career while with the Vikings, as well did Larsen and Thomas. But in the end, a duo of Randle-Page is just downright ferocious. At outside linebacker, I was torn between starting Roy Winston and Matt Blair. While this may seem easy to most sports fans, I simply fall infectious with the old school, tough-as-nails, type players, but went with a more modern feel in Chad Greenway. Greenway has been a consistent, yet quite leader of Minnesota’s defense during his tenure. The great Wally Hilgenberg got the starting gig as he was a consistent force for Minnesota as well.



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