The craziest thing about baseball is after two months your season can be over. No one knows this more than the Minnesota Twins. After a horrible start in the 2015 season, The Twin season was virtually over after digging themselves in such a huge hole. The month of April ended with the Twins record at 7-17 and they just couldn’t turn the ship. The Twins finished with one of its worst records in the team’s history. A dismal 59-103 record made fans have little hope for this season. 

This is the exact reason why we watch sports, to expect the unexpected. Especially in baseball, which has a way of surprising everyone, and the Twins have certainly surprised fans through two months.

The Twins are back to what made them dominant from 2002 to 2010, solid pitching and being flawless in the field. The Twins also played small ball and didn’t have a juggernaut offense.

Baseball fans forget, the Twins ran the AL Central for years until the core guys left like Justin Morneau, Michael Cuddyer and Johan Santana. The last six years have been tough to watch without those guys.

There’s only one thing different from those previous Twin teams that ran the AL Central in the 2000’s. That difference is power hitting. The Twins have been hitting home runs consistently and have been getting them from a bunch of different players. 40 home runs through 34 games is a major reason for success this year. Miguel Sano leads the team with ten home runs, while Brian Dozier is second with five home runs. Kenny Vargas and Eduardo Escobar are third with four home runs.

The Twins are finally fun to watch, and they already have exceeded expectations. Ervin Santana is six and one and has pitched great in every start this season other than the one against the Boston Redsox. Phil Hughes is four and one, Hector Santiago is four and two and José Berríos, the Twins big prospect, just pitched a gem a couple of days ago.

Let’s be honest, Twins fans were hoping to not be in last place by this time and they are in first place. It’s early but it’s a pleasure to be watching meaningful baseball during the month of May after the worst start in franchise history last year.

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  1. The Twins are on pace to win over 85 games. Great start and fun to watch. Miss those core players that saw the Twins in the playoffs almost every year. But it is a fun year so far. Sano is a must watch at the plate. If Berrios can be the stud people say he can be the Twins could be poised to have s great summer! Santana, Hughes, and Berrios…Not a bad rotation. Great read once sgain, Stephen!

  2. The team is looking good. A mix of good pitching and hitting…they need to continue to win each series throughout the year.

  3. Yankee fan here but must admit the Twins are looking good. I like the article and on point. Best of luck the rest of the season.

  4. Great read – If the pitching keeps it up ummm, can we say division champs? lol. This is why the games are played.


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