A strong week which included the addition of two 3 star commitments came to a fun end for Rutgers football. This past Sunday, boosters Amy and Jeff Towers helped put an exclamation point on the week at a team BBQ.

Judging from their reaction, I doubt players were expecting the guest to be this special.


One of the most popular rap groups today, Migos, performed live for players and coaches, setting the team into a whirl of excitement. The group performed privately for the team, as coaches danced and players ailed sore bodies with good music. From the explosion of the news on social media, it became clear that both Rutgers and the rest of college football paid some attention to the big performance.

For the strictly football readers, or those who don’t know who Migos even are, why am I talking about them?

There’s actually good reason.

If you told players last year that, come next August, they would be in a position where they would be gifted a Migos performance in the preseason, they might think you’re from Mars. With the understanding that every school is going to attract big money from boosters annually, this year is important to analyze for its ‘make-or-break’ vibe.

As I’ve mentioned before, coach Chris Ash and his staff are getting players and recruits to buy into an upward mentality for the team. It is just as important to get the people contributing to the program to buy into that same mentality. By the look of it, it seems this is understood.

It is essential to highlight that this event was not funded by the university and was instead funded privately, according to NJ.com.

From the Towers and other donors, the team received the stellar Marco Battaglia practice facilities last week. And Sunday, the players are treated to a surprise from one of America’s most popular rap groups. No matter how proud boosters are of their alma matter, nobody is going to throw this type of money at a program they didn’t see some promise in.

I’m sure Ash isn’t walking into practice daily with Migos bumping through his headphones, though this video from wideout Ahmir Mitchell might suggest otherwise.

What I am certain of though, is that Ash knows Migos is bumping through the headphones of future recruits. Of course, the performance isn’t looked at as a pure business decision because of it’s fun nature. Although, you better believe there is a method to the madness.

What is clear is this performance has college football fans, teams, and reporters wondering something it seems Ash and the rest of the team already know: what is Rutgers football up to?




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