For a legendary program like Michigan, there will always be unforgotten moments and unbelievable games. We can’t lie, the latter portion of the 21st century hasn’t been favorable for the Wolverines, but both the gut wrenching and energizing moments have still been made in the Big House.

The largest, thus far in the 21st century belongs to none other than Roy Roundtree. Under the lights. Notre Dame.

It was perhaps the greatest atmosphere in stadium history. The first night game in Michigan Stadium lived up to the hype.

Rich Rodriguez was a complete joke at Michigan, and its fairly obvious. This was year one for Brady Hoke after making the move from San Diego State to lead the Wolverines in the 2011 football season.

The Big House was jam packed that night. Record sellout crowd for the stadium. Michigan vs. Notre Dame on primetime television? A classic rivalry? Thats a recipe for something amazing to happen.

With Michigan down 31-28 in the final seconds of the fourth quarter, an unlikely Roy Roundtree turned out to be the hero for Michigan that night. We also can’t forget that Denard Robinson threw a dime of a lob pass to the corner of the end zone.

Did this play make or break a season? By no means. But it revived some of the spark in a struggling program. It offered some confidence for a coach who would later struggle to find confidence in his football team. This play was one that could have helped in securing Michigan a spot on the New Year’s Six list, and gave the Wolverines a chance to try to get their name back on the national stage.

So we thank you, 2011 Roy Roundtree.

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