Panthers training camp is underway. There’s been a lot of anticipation around this camp in particular with the return of Cam Newton, the firing of Dave Gettleman, and the fact that Greg Olsen and Thomas Davis didn’t hold out.  The biggest story coming out of Charlotte right now is the performance of Panthers rookie Christian McCaffrey.

McCaffrey has created a lot of hype around him during his first week of training camp. That hype is coming from both the media and the veteran players on the team. Veteran running back Jonathan Stewart said McCaffrey is “pretty unstoppable” as a receiver coming out of the back field. He went on to say “I can tell you now there’s not going to be anybody in this league that can cover him one-on-one.” Panthers Head Coach Ron Rivera said McCaffrey’s first move is to set the defender up and then “where he goes from there, it’s up to him.” He’s displayed a tremendous amount of potential in this first week of training camp. Potential that makes Panther nation exciting for the upcoming season. McCaffrey said it best when he was quoted saying “Anytime I’m on the football field, that’s my comfort zone.”

There’s no secret that Christian McCaffrey is going to be a special player. His potential is limitless, and he has a strong corps of veterans to learn from. His focus is never questione, and it’s clear that he’s bought into what the Panthers are trying to accomplish. It’s safe to say he wants to make sure this team doesn’t end up 6-10 again. We’ll follow his progress closely as the season progresses.

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