Forward Matisse Thybulle has been selected to be this year’s Philadelphia 76ers rookie to suffer an injury at some point during their first season.

The 20th overall pick may have “turned” his ankle, per Derek Bodner of The Athletic.

This injury doesn’t appear to be serious and hopefully Thybulle will be ready for the beginning of the season.

Unlike with some cases in the past, it shouldn’t require him to miss the entire season.

But when it comes to the Sixers and the medical staff, we can’t ever assume an injury is minor or will heal within a reasonable amount of time.

The Rookie Curse

As mentioned earlier, Thybulle joins a long list of Sixers rookies who have suffered injuries during their first year as professionals.

Joel Embiid, Nerlens Noel and Ben Simmons all missed their entire rookie seasons. (In fairness to the Sixers both Embiid and Noel suffered injuries prior to be drafted).

In addition to those three players, Markelle Fultz, Jahlil Okafor and Zhaire Smith all missed significant time as rookies.

Fultz missed 66 games with a shoulder injury which may have contributed to his shooting form deteriorating.

Okafor sat out the last 29 games of the 2015-2016 due to a meniscus tear in his knee, and Smith only appeared in six games last season because of an allergic reaction to nuts.

To any other team a minor ankle injury a month prior to the season wouldn’t be a big deal. However, regarding injuries to Sixers players we always assume the worst because of past experiences.

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