The Reds got the win this past Sunday, by beating a former pitcher.

On January 19th, the Reds traded Dan Straily to the Marlins for a trio of prospects. These prospects included Luis Castillo, Austin Brice, and Isaiah White.

Castillo started the year in the minors, before pitching his way to a promotion in late June.

Fast forward to July 30th. In his latest start, Castillo pitched eight innings, allowing only one run and three hits during that time, while also striking out six. Against his former organization.

Straily on the other hand, didn’t pitch horribly. Going six innings and only giving up two runs while striking out four.

There is a major difference between them though. Straily is 28, while Castillo is still only 24. Given his performance this season, it appears Straily has already reached his peak. Castillo still has his best days ahead of him.

As much as Straily helped the Reds last year, he was never going to be a big part of the Reds future. Castillo has flashed the ability to be a number two starter since his debut.

In his eight starts, Castillo has posted a 3.56 ERA with 51 strike outs to 18 walks. He’s done more than well enough to earn a regular spot in the rotation. He’s been one of the few young pitchers to not float between the majors and minors this season.

Sal Romano and Jackson Stephens are just two examples of pitchers who have spent time bouncing around Cincinnati and Louisville. They’ve both shown promise, but neither have shown enough to the front office to stick with the big club.

The Straily for Castillo, Brice, and White trade is looking better for the Reds each time Castillo makes a start. He was the top prospect in the Marlins system, admittedly one of the worst in baseball, for a reason.

The promise he has shown is very real, and it makes for a potentially exciting future in the Reds organization. As long as Castillo continues to develop he should be a key piece by the time the Reds are ready to contend.

The Straily trade, although it hurt at the time, has shown to be a great move by the Reds management. Hopefully, it continues to get even better for Reds fans.

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