Going into this off-season, the Brooklyn Nets will have 10 players under contract next season. Before accounting for free agent holds the team has about $15 million in cap space. So this off-season is a key one that could impact them for the next few years.

Things to focus on

Some of the things the team should focus on are is to be cheap with their free agents. That means not overpaying its in-house free agents. It also mean that it needs to try to re-sign veterans for cheap. The team also needs to have a big talent upgrade as well as look for or mold one of their players to be a go-to scorer.

The team should also not be afraid to dip their hands in the restricted free agency pot yet again. They have gotten their hands dirty in restricted free agency before. They have attempted to sign some restricted free agents the past two off seasons.

The team should also see about what to do with Spencer Dinwiddie. Even though he is not a free agent until next summer, they can make a decision about him. Whether they will make him a backup to D’Angelo Russell or test and see what assets they can get in return for him. When him and Russell¬†played with each other, they were outscored by 11 points per 100 possessions. They played a total of 355 minutes.

This off-season will be a busy one for the team. Let us hope they make the right moves in free agency and the draft this off-season. This can be the one season that can solidify rebuild for years to come.

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