The Life Champions: Episode XXI | Chandler Rome
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On Friday’s edition of The Life Champions Podcast, we all have a good laugh casually speaking about an insignificant and trivial sporting event that no one on this podcast will probably even think about past next week.

You remember those books from middle school where you could choose your own ending? 

Well, it’s 2018, so my New Year’s Resolution has been to live in whatever reality finds my mental sanity the most comfort. Which is why I was so perplexed that we had Chandler Rome on the show today since Chandler is a reporter for the Aniston Star out of Tuscaloosa.

I’m not quite sure why we would choose to interview a reporter covering the losing team, but as always – there is blame to be cast for both sides. Both sides.

Kevin has decided to operate the past few days in what I’d like to call the “mainstream media” reality. A reality where the corporate consolidation of college football national championships is a way of life and the earth’s crust has yet to open, devouring Nick Saban into his rightful place in the 1st circle of hell

Per what I will be referring to as “the worst bet in human history” – Kevin will have unrestricted access to my Twitter account today, January 12, from 12pm to 1pm Eastern Standard Time. During that time, I will be catching up on some light reading, going for a jog, and maybe or maybe not calling North Korean bomb threats into the Twitter headquarters.

Things are fine and I am totally handling Georgia blowing a two touchdown lead in the National Championship with much grace and aplomb. And I’m not more than 45% confident in what the word aplomb means.

Remember, you’ll never get the next 60 minutes of your life back. Let’s get hairy.

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