When Kyler Murray couldn’t play in their final game of the season, it was clear that he was disappointed. But that disappointment went away when he learned he had been taken ninth overall in the MLB draft to the Oakland Athletics.

For Kyler Murray, this isn’t as simple of a decision as it would be for most. Come fall, Kyler has a chance to shine under the lights of Gaylord Memorial Stadium, and be among some of college football’s best, like Baker Mayfield, Sam Bradford and Jason White.

When Murray transferred to Oklahoma from Texas A&M, he had the opportunity to excel on both the football field and the baseball diamond, but baseball came first after Murray had to wait his turn on the QB depth chart.

So what does he do? Lucky for him, it’s clear that the A’s will let him play football, but football is an extremely physical sport. Since Murray looks to be one of the fastest players in college sports, he won’t sit back and hide behind the offensive line. Every down, the Oakland A’s will hold their breath while they watch their first round pick take shots from linebackers.

Playing for Oklahoma football is the mecca for high school students, and he can’t pass this up. But for him, his future looks bright in the MLB, and football could potentially slow that down.

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