The Urban Meyer saga has come to a conclusion, for now that is, as University President Michael Drake decided that a three-game suspension would be a necessary action for Meyer. Until this point it didn’t seem to have an impact on recruiting, but Ohio State just recently lost their first commitment. Kane Patterson is a 4-star inside linebacker from Nashville, Tenn. and he is a part of the 2019 class.

What this means for the 2019 class?

Ohio State is losing a top talent in Patterson for sure and it definitely hurts to lose a player of his caliber. The Buckeyes only have one recruit at linebacker in the 2019 class right now which is something they will have to add back to their list of players to recruit. With a talented linebacker group coming in from the class of 2018, the position wasn’t a huge need for Ohio State in 2019, however, having only one linebacker in the class is not ideal. Athletes Steele Chambers and Craig Young could potentially play linebacker, but that is not something Ohio State should count on.

With Patterson’s decomittment, you have to wonder if other guys will follow. My initial feeling is no. A number of recruits went to Twitter to defend Urban Meyer in wake of his suspension and it gives off the feeling that most guys feel confident in Meyer as a person and a mentor. Another thing that you have to remember is that although this comes on the back end of a lot of the Meyer news, this may not be about the domestic violence situation and may have just come at a very poor time. Obviously, the vast majority, including myself, think this is directly related to the suspension, however with a number of recruits showing support for the coach, Patterson’s decomittment makes me wonder if it isn’t related. Patterson hasn’t commented on his decision to decommit so for now it will remain a mystery.

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