Josh Dobbs G.O.T.

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Steelers 23 Ravens 16

Joshua Dobbs gets “Greatest of Today” accolades for his heroics in the 4th quarter. With the Steelers up by only 7 points, its back to the end zone and its HOF QB on the sideline, the understudy entered the game on 2nd and 20.  Under center, he dropped back and found JuJu 22 yards downfield to move the markers and preserve the drive. While no single play determines the outcome of a game, had we not move the sticks, the Steelers would have been punting out of their own endzone, giving the dirty birds a short field to traverse. Hooray JD!

James Conner achieved yet another obscure statistic, amassing 100 rushing yards, 50 receiving yards and a TD in each of the last four games.  Credit James, with a big hat tip to an offensive line that just opens holes.

The defense held Baltimore to 61 yards rushing, 218 passing, 25% in the Red Zone and 33% 3rd down conversions.

This isn’t the shootout that we’d like to see from the Steelers, but a hard-fought, heart-stopping AFC North contest that saw the Steelmen coalesce on both sides of the ball.

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