Jimmy Garoppolo Needs to be Traded

With sources giving conflicting reports on the status of Patriots QB Jimmy Garoppolo, it's unclear what will happen. However, it's clear what should happen.

Bill Belichick is pulling a long con. He is making Jimmy Garoppolo seem like the Holy Grail, the Fountain of Youth. A savior to any NFL franchise that puts together the package to “pry” him away from the Patriots.
That is if they can “pry” him from the Patriots.
ESPN’s Adam Schefter says there is no way Jimmy will get traded. That is just simply not true. I’m not doubting what Schefter has been told, I’m saying he was told a lie. And Michael Lombardi of The Ringer is advocating for Jimmy. Lombardi has been prone to doing this. But he’s only doing this because he’s buddies with Bill. He was even on the Patriots payroll from 2014-2016. He doing for what’s in the best interest of Bill Belichick.
What has happened since the Patriots wanted a first and a fourth round pick for him? Brady won a Super Bowl that is what happened. If anything, that should just further prove that Jimmy should get traded. Especially with what happened with Jacoby Brissett, whom the team seems to really like, this year.
Brissett was placed on the injured reserve and still traveled with the team. Then when he was eligible to be activated, he was, as a third stringer. Why would you want a third quarterback when you have two who are more than good enough? It means they love him. Bill Belichick has been known to carry extra quarterbacks if he really likes their potential (see Brady, Tom).
Brissett is the next guy in New England once Brady hangs up his clears. The way he stepped in during a time of desperation was impressive. He won a game the team needed, doing some of this with one hand. He injured his thumb during the second half of the Houston game, and still led the team to victory. During the Buffalo game he was just a body; he couldn’t do anything.
With the Patriots having potentially two heirs to Brady’s throne, they should get rid of one. I’m not saying Brissett is the next Brady. But what he showed was something promising. They won’t need Brissett for another three seasons potentially. Maybe he’s gone by then due to Tom being a robot. The fact of the matter here is that they simply cannot hang onto Jimmy Garoppolo.
Jimmy’s contract is up at the end of the season, so they must trade him now. Any first round pick will do. There is no doubt they can get a first for him. Jimmy is a talented quarterback. Bill once even said if you take the number away you can’t tell who is who between Brady and Jimmy at practice. That was another example of Bill driving up the price.
There is just no way Jimmy Garoppolo can be on the roster past the NFL Draft. The Patriots are potentially passing up on a chance player like O.J. Howard, who is ranked tenth overall in our own Grant Baker’s big board, with the potential trade with the Browns at #12. Even getting a corner like Alabama’s Marlon Humphrey would ease the pain of Logan Ryan’s inevitable departure.
The potential value of trading Garoppolo, combined with their relative lack of need for him, means that the Patriots should trade the young signal-caller.

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Westfield State University class of 2021. Firm believer that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick can do no wrong. LeBron James is the greatest to ever do it. And, as always, ball don’t lie.
Westfield State University class of 2021. Firm believer that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick can do no wrong. LeBron James is the greatest to ever do it. And, as always, ball don’t lie.


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