The Philadelphia 76ers didn’t succeed in their plan to add a third star this offseason.

Instead, they added four-time all star Jimmy Butler via trade to pair with Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid.

It’s too small a sample size to determine whether the trade was a success or failure but one thing’s for certain: Butler and the 76ers are a good fit.

Winning impact

Butler has been a 76er for just over two weeks. In other words, not usually enough time to make a big impact for your new team.

Don’t tell Butler because he’s made his mark on the team dramatically with two game-winning baskets.

On offense, two former 76ers, Robert Covington and Dario Saric, are sorely missed. Butler provides the missing ingredient that plagued this team in last year’s postseason.

You can make the argument the team would have lost several games without the late-game heroics of Butler.

He came up large in his first home game against the Utah Jazz and two hard fought road games against the Charlotte Hornets and Brooklyn Nets.

Butler’s the closer the 76ers desperately needed when they acquired him. He’s delivered big time.

Butler’s fit long term in Philly

After the come-from-behind victory in Brooklyn, Butler seemed happy with his new situation.

“We’ll worry about that when the time comes, but I really do like it here, I’ll tell you that,” Butler said when asked about whether Philadelphia could be his new home.

It’s early to make any definite conclusions but all signs look good for Butler sticking around. Winning a lot of games will help.

Also, it’s important to note the importance of Joel Embiid in these moments. He could easily demand to take the last shot but has deferred to Butler.

76ers fans must love that attitude from the face of the franchise. That wouldn’t be the case everywhere in the league.

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