The Minnesota Twins have given fans a reminder that they are still a young, mediocre team with average hitting and atrocious pitching.

In my previous article, I wrote that Minnesotans are going to learn quickly if the Twins are pretenders or contenders. Unfortunately, the Twins and Twin fans figured that out the hard way.

The Cleveland Indians completely took it to the Twins by sweeping them in four games in three days. The scores weren’t close either.

The Indians started off by beating the Twins 8-1 Friday night. Cleveland then went on to win both games of the day-night doubleheader on Saturday 9-3 and 6-2. To put the cherry on top, the Indians completed the four-game butt whooping by beating the Twins 5-2 on Sunday and completing the sweep. Cleveland also took a two-game lead in the division to add insult to injury.

These last three days have answered many questions to what is wrong with the Twinkies and what they need to improve on. Although the Indians outplayed the Twins in every facet of the game this weekend, pitching remains the Achilles Heal for Minnesota. Aside from Ervin Santana and Jose Berrios, Minnesota has no one.

The Twins pitching has gotten so bad that the organization looks extremely flustered. Minnesota has started sending down and bringing up tons of minor league pitchers over the last couple of days just to see them get lit up on the mound.

To make matters worse, the Twins, who recently had the number one pick in the 2017 MLB draft, passed up on the number one pitching prospect in Hunter Greene and decided to draft shortstop Royce Lewis instead.

The Indians showed the Twins and the rest of Major League Baseball who the best team in the AL Central is. Not to keep piling on but this won’t be the last time the Twins see the Indians. Minnesota heads to Cleveland on June 23rd for a three-game series.

Like a dorky, nerdy kid in middle school, the Twins are going to have to face its bully in the Indians one way or another. If the Twins don’t respond, they could be headed down to hang out with the Detroit Tigers, Chicago White Sox, and Kansas City Royals at the bottom of the division.

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