Hiccups Mean You’re Growing
Just Press Play

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This week, Kevin calls out how wrong we’ve been before we figure out who would win, the men or the boys (1:05). Then, are the aliens sending out a spy and should we try harder to get their attention (11:00)? Dez had a bad week, but at least the Cowboys are so low a 7 year old can diagnose their problems (19:08). Then we talk about bathroom efficiency (26:06), hiccups and how Richard became Dick (32:03), and who not to be at the gas station (37:51). A college football legend got fired on the air this week (47:59) and we have a great cause we’d love some help on (54:05). We finish up with what we’re listening to and why it’s so damn hard to correctly perceive yourself (55:12). All that and more, on this information dense episode of Just Press Play.

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Music provided by TRUTH.

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