Thanks to advancements in mobile application technology, today, you no longer have to visit a gaming shop every weekend or wait until you’ve saved enough to buy a PS4 or Xbox for you to enjoy your favorite video games. Even though not all video games have a mobile version, there’s a wide range of games that you can download on your smartphone or tablet and immerse yourself in a sea of enjoyment, even while on the go.

From Billiards to Poker, FIFA, Horse Race, MotorSport, Fight Night, NBA Live, Baseball, NFL Football, the list of thrilling sports games you can enjoy from your Android or iOS smartphone is endless. And you’ll surely be spoilt of options if you’re a sports game enthusiast! This being the case, you’ll be better off reading the following pointers first. Here’s how to enjoy playing sports on your mobile phone.

Have the Right Phone

The good thing about mobile games is that you can play them from anywhere at any time, unlike the case with computer games, PlayStation, and Xbox games. However, your gaming experience will largely depend on the mobile phone or tablet you intend to use. Especially for sports games like Soccer, Tennis, Golf, for instance, the phone’s screen size will affect the display, which has a huge impact on your overall enjoyment. To get the most out of the best mobile games around, it’s best to have a powerful mobile phone with a large screen, say, 6 inches and above. You’ll also need to ensure that your phone has a large storage space, adequate RAM (say 32GB and above), and a considerable processor speed. Invest in a device with long battery life, so you don’t get interrupted at the heat of the moment when your phone goes dead.

Mind the Operating System

There are two major smartphone operating systems, these being iOS (for Apple devices) and Android. Apps that are created for android may not work on iOS and vice versa. Also, mobile games, just like any other mobile apps, undergo upgrades from time to time. For this reason, most smartphone games have minimum requirements (including the recommended OS version) for them to be able to work on your device.

For instance, a game that is built for Android 7 and up will not work on your phone if it’s using Android 6. Also, different games come with specific steps that you need to follow when installing them on your phone. On this note, Kiss918, a popular slot machine game in Malaysia is specifically built for iOS devices but an Android version is also available. The app is more of a sports casino platform that carries dozens of casino games you can play or place your bets on for some mullah. As a matter of fact, sports games for mobile are more thrilling and enjoyable when there’s a reward pinned to winning.

Mobile Gaming Accessories

Mobile sports games are more interesting and enjoyable when you consider accessorizing. For instance, investing in a pair of quality gaming headsets or earbuds will allow you to get the game’s audio effects, commentaries, and instructions in pristine clarity while also blocking external noise that may cause distractions. To get the most out of mobile sports gaming, you may want to invest in a portable charger (for in case the battery runs out), wireless gaming consoles, and external SD storage.

From sports fans to general gaming enthusiasts and even professional sports athletes, most of us love playing sports games on our smartphones. However, your gaming sessions will only be enjoyable if you know some ins and outs. Thanks to the above pointers, you can sit back and relax as you get the utmost thrill from your favorite sports game on mobile.


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