It’s been a few days since the Hawks traded Luka Doncic for Trae Young, and handed the reigns over to the young, potentially too small guard from Norman. Trae Young led the nation in both scoring (27.4) and assists (8.8), so the Hawks are expecting big things out of Young, and the rest of the city is as well.

Trae Young will be expected to lead the Hawks from the basement they currently dwell in, and will need to find a way to make the sub-par players around him better. Hawks point guard Dennis Schroder said he wants out, and the Hawks had Luka Doncic to help their wings, but they traded him to Dallas for Trae Young and cleared up any questions on who will be running the offense in the extremely near future.

Trae Young will join forces with second year big man John Collins, who took on a big role for the struggling Hawks, and was an anchor for them in the low post. He and Trae Young hope to get down the pick and roll, because defenders won’t be able to sag off Trae, and won’t be able to leave Collins cutting to the rim.

Another player that stepped up big for the Hawks was Baylor’s Taurean Prince, who averaged 14 points and shot nearly 40 percent from the three point line. He provided some much needed wing scoring, because Kent Bazemore struggled all season on the offensive end.

Clearly, this team is still in the rebuild phase, and will also have to answer the question “what if?”, especially if Luka proves to be the legend many believe he will be. Trae Young will have the cities support early on, and if he finds a way to add some muscle and still knock down threes like he did at OU, then he won’t lose the city either. But there will be a lot of pressure on Young to perform, and to help this team improve the 24-58 record, good for last in the Eastern Conference.

Hawks other draft picks

Kevin Heurter (No. 19) will play well with Young, allowing him to dish in, and toss it out to Heurter who is this draft class’s Kyle Korver. At Maryland, he made 138 3-pointers in two seasons, showing he’s ready to get shots up early and often when he sees the floor.

They also took one of four Villanova Wildcats in forward Omari Spellman (No. 30). He was a big contributor to the Wildcats, helping them all the way to a national title. He was a double-double machine, and will bring some needed help for the Hawks, a defender who can stretch the floor.

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