When you think about fate and destiny, whether in baseball or life, a lot of little things have to happen for success. One of those little things that has to happen is luck. Of course, luck being one of those factors depends on which personality type you are, as some would say hard work breeds success. Which is true, it does, but even then luck is still a part of the process.

The Colorado Rockies are one of these teams of destiny, which has created their own luck through hard work and determination. That’s the other part of being successful that they don’t tell you about good luck. The part about when you work hard and improve you find yourself in good situations to be successful.

As the Rockies have begun to break out of the funk that preceded the all-star break, the amount of “luck” happening around them has increased. Just this week the team twice needed a clutch at-bat in the bottom of the ninth, and, as luck would have it, their best player, Nolan Arenado was at the plate. You guessed it, two walk-offs for the all world talent, but two very different ways.

Monday night in the bottom of the ninth, with Charlie Blackmon on second, Arenado singled on a flare to center, plating Blackmon for the win 5-4. Then as luck would have it, same two teams, same score headed to the bottom of the ninth, Rockies have bases loaded with one out, and Mr. Arenado at the plate. Arenado worked the count to 3-2 when Mets reliever Hansel Robles sailed a fastball Rick Vaughn style to the backstop, Rockies win on walk-off walk.

Hard work creates your own luck, as the Rockies did this week with those two walk-off wins. Colorado battled and clawed their way to keep those games close, which lead to the good luck of having their best and most clutch player at the plate.

The Rockies have had the worst of luck with injuries this year, but like any ebb and flow, the health of the team is improving. The additions of Pat Neshek and Jonathan Lucroy have shifted the identity of the team to a grind it out, blue collar club.

When you are a team of destiny, your brightest stars shine on the biggest stages. Along with the bright stars, your unsung heroes play a big role in clutch moments, which is what the clubs young starting pitchers have done. When it comes to baseball and this team, skill and luck seem hopelessly entangled till the end. Hard work is how you make your luck, and since spring training this has been the hardest working team in baseball. It’s no wonder the Rockies luck is finally starting to be prefaced with “good” instead of the word “bad”.

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