Happy belated birthday to the Red Sox youngest star, Andrew Benintendi!

Although his birthday was yesterday, there seems to be no better time than now to talk about how much of a stud this kid is. Benintendi turned 23 yesterday, and while being the youngest guy on the team, he remains one of the best. The crazy thing about it is that he should have just graduated college.

You don’t see guys this young make such an impact this often, but here we are. Shall we talk a look at what he’s done this season?

Register Batting
2017 337 290 43 83 13 1 12 50 9 36 53 .286 .363 .462 .825
MLB 455 395 59 114 24 2 14 64 10 46 78 .289 .362 .466 .828


Benintendi will not be winning an MVP award this season, but he certainly can win one in the future. This season he is batting .286 with 50 RBI and 12 home runs. For a guy that was recently struggling, these numbers are fantastic. It was only a month ago when he had to sit for a few games because he was on a horrendous 0 for 16 rut at the plate. In the month of May, Benny Biceps batted .204 for the month with an OBP of .296 and an SLG of .306. Compare that to what he has done in June, and it is night and day. In June, Andrew Benintendi batted .295 with an OBP of .373 and an SLG of .523. The young buck found his stroke in the month of June and got hot along with the weather. So far in July, he shows no signs of slowing down.

While we were all shoving our suck holes with burgers and dogs on the Fourth of July, Andrew Benintendi went out and had a 5 for 5 day at the plate. Oh, and two home runs.


That nice little day made him the first rookie in Red Sox history to have two 5-hit games in a season. There is no question about his bat as he regularly hit over .300 in the minors; but what about his glove?


Yeah, there is no question about his glove either. This guy just adds to the domination that is the Red Sox outfield. I honestly don’t know how anyone gets hits because the three amigos out there are on patrol at all time. Air Traffic Control, if you will.

Hopefully Andrew Benintendi has a great birthday, and hopefully, he enjoys playing in Boston as much as we love watching him because this guy could be a future MVP or more. He has already been compared to some of the all-time great outfielders, such as Fred Lynn, and he’ll sure be compared to more.

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