The Colorado Rockies have lost a lot lately. Which, if you have been paying attention is both a surprise and not a surprise at the same time. Oxymoron I know, but hear me out.

Being a Rockies fan for the 2017 season has been much like the psychological question is the glass half full or half empty. During this slide where the club lost 11 of their last 13 games, the glass half full crowd is being silenced with every passing loss, making it harder to defend the team. At the same time, the half empty group are smiling with the “I told you so” grin on their faces.

If you are a part of the glass half empty group, isn’t now the time to listen to your own words? You were patient and quick to shut the positive crowd down with the “it’s not even June yet” conversation. Every team in the history of baseball has had hiccups; the Rockies are hopefully going through theirs now.

Then we need to talk about that word “hopefully” aformentioned above. Call it negligence, naïve, or stupidity to have thought this team was good enough to go wire to wire without trouble. It’s okay for us half full glass types to admit we were wrong because we were. At the same time, it’s far from the time to throw in the towel on the season right now. Just like the negative Nancy’s that have been waiting for this slide, we just need to wait out the turnaround.

After the Monday night victory against the Cincinnati Reds, teh Rockies starting pitcher Jeff Hoffman said “We’re not changing anything. We’re putting our foot on the gas and trying to be the team we are.” In a couple of sentences, Hoffman gave us a glimpse into the psyche of this team even during the current struggle. This team is waiting for the ebb to end so the flow can start again, understanding that with the ups come the downs.

Whether your glass is half full or half empty, this team doesn’t care, they are going to be who we thought they were, no matter which side of the fence you fall on. If you were part of the glass half full crowd with me, we need to be patient, this team is too good to fail. If you are one of the naysayers, your crushing the vibe, get behind your team and get that hope gene we are all chilling with. 

“The other teams could make trouble for us, if they win”

          Yogi Berra


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