It’s what wins championships, and with a young defensive core, Paul Johnson and his defensive coordinator Ted Roof will be looking to fill the left over gaps on the defensive side of the ball.  An apparent focus has been paid to the defensive back positions as four of the eight defensive commits are DB’s, followed by two linebackers and one defensive end.  With five important defensive players graduating, there are clearly some chances for young players to make a statement

2017 Defensive Commits

Key: *= Number of Stars for Recruit  ¤= Numbers are Nike Verified

  • Defensive Backs

    • Tre Swilling DB ***
      Image Via @TreSwilling
      Image Via @TreSwilling

      Brother Martin (New Orleans, LA)
      6’0″ 180 lbs
      40 time: 4.5
      Vertical: 38.5″

      Pros: Tre Swilling is a long, athletic corner back.  He uses his length and speed to bait quarterbacks into throwing passes he can easily break up.  He makes excellent breaks on short routes, and runs stride for stride with receivers effortlessly.
      Cons:  He needs to get better at getting a hand on the ball.  Just being tight on the receiver won’t cut it against elite college receivers.

      Summary:  Tre has a high ceiling, and if he continues to improve his game, he will be an impact player sooner rather than later.

    • Gentry Bonds DB ***Riverdale (Mufreesbor, TN)
      6’0″ 192 lbs
      40 time: N/A
      Vertical: N/APros:  Ouch!  This kid knows how to use his size that’s for sure.  His size and physicality as a corner make him excellent in run support, but I see him transitioning to a head-hunting safety role like Corey Griffin or AJ Gray.

      Cons:  Bonds has relatively slow feet for a corner.  His long striding running style serves him well in covering deep routes, but he is normally a tad late on curl routes and comebacks (although you can bet he will still bring the boom if the receiver catches it).

      Summary:  Bonds looks like a future safety or possibly a nickel corner.  He has great size and hits with plenty of pop.

    • Dameon Williams DB ***
      Image Via @JBVZN
      Image Via @JBVZN

      Norcross (Norcross, GA)
      5’11” 170 lbs
      40 time: 4.5
      Vertical: N/A

      Pros:  I get tired just watching this guy play!  His physicality in press coverage appears to be in the elite category, and his hard hitting style of play makes him a scary guy to run up with for sure.  This cat can bring the pain!

      Cons:  He is a tad on the lighter side, and tends to tackle a bit high.  He doesn’t have trouble bringing guys down, it’s just in college that often leads to an ejection for targeting.

      Summary:  Williams is a tough, physical corner that plays great man coverage and knows how to make eath-shaking tackles in space.  This guy could easily fit in as a nickel corner role with his tackling ability.

    • Jaytlin Askew DB ***McEachern (Powder Springs, GA)
      5’9″ 170 lbs
      40 time: 4.36
      Vertical: 39″Pros:  This guys is scary fast and has great footwork to boot.  He has incredible hands for a corner back and is adept at baiting the quarterback and high pointing the ball.  Askew isn’t afraid of contact and is a solid tackler.  Also he could be a dynamic kick returner for Tech with his speed and agility.

      Cons:  His height could play a factor in his ability to guard taller receivers.  He has a tendency to overplay routes and sometimes lets the receiver get inside and/or under him.  His athleticism keeps this from being a problem for him in high school, but college QB’s will exploit that flaw in his game.

      Summary:  This guy is a freakish athlete that is an interception machine.  With some fine-tuning to his game, he could be a great lock down corner.

  • Linebackers

    • Bruce Jordan-Swilling (Brother of Tre Swilling) OLB ****
      Image Via @BruceJSwilling
      Image Via @BruceJSwilling/Twitter

      Brother Martin (New Orleans, LA)
      6’0″ 215 lbs
      40 time: 4.57 ¤
      Bench: N/A
      Squat: N/A

      Video:  N/A

      Pros:  This kid is really athletic.  He’s the number 13 OLB in the nation, and on top of that he also played running back and returned kicks for his team.

      Cons:  There is not a lot of tape on him playing linebacker, still his athleticism is evident, and there must be a reason why he so highly touted as a linebacker.

      Summary:  Jordan-Swilling really athletic guy that could be a real weapon in this 4-2-5 defense of Ted Roof.

    • TD Roof (Son of Ted Roof) ILB ***Buford (Buford, GA)
      5’11” 200 lbs
      40 time: N/A
      Bench: N/A
      Squat: N/AVideo:

      Pros:  This guy can HIT!  TD Roof is another uber athletic linbacker that played running back, special teams, and linebacker for his school.  This guy knows how to tackle and puts a lot of pop behind his pads.

      Cons:  His is a bit small for a linebacker, but he will more than likely catch up once he gets to Tech.  No applicable measureables are available for Roof, but his tape speaks for its self.

      Summary:  He looks like another athletic linebacker that will fit well in his father’s defense.  His explosiveness and versatility will make him a weapon for the Ramblin’ Wreck.

  • Defensive Line

    • Cortez Alston WDE ***Westminster School (Atlanta, GA)
      6’3″ 250 lbs
      40 time: 4.7
      Bench: N/A
      Squat: N/A

Pros:  Alston has the right size for a 4 or 5 technique defensive end.  He plays smart, and doesn’t get caught over pursing the ball carrier.  He also has little issues breaking blocks to make tackles in the run game.

Cons:  The guy has little explosiveness off the snap.  His tape seems to show he has a lack of violence at the point of attack, and difficulty getting off of blocks to get in the backfield.

Summary:  Alston needs to be more aggressive.  He has the size, the coaches at Tech will help him with improving his athleticism, and when they get that combo rolling, he’ll be a nice defensive end.


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