The New York Giants have had a a quiet past couple of weeks, while still monitoring the Jonathan Hankins situation. The Giants also made all of the moves they were expected to make this offseason, leaving out a couple of last minute additions and cuts of course. The NFL Draft is coming up very soon and the Giants have a lot of decisions to make at the 23rd pick. What they do during the Draft certainly effects what they do during the rest of free agency.

With Hankins still not signed, the Giants are still thinking about drafting a defensive tackle in the Draft. New York is hoping to lock up Hankins before the Draft with the current offer on the table, a 4-year $28 million deal. Hankins still remains unsigned and that is almost completely due to his agent. Hankins’ agent, Kevin Poston, has been known to botch negotiations with clients before. His agent has requested way to much money for the 25 year old nose tackle. No team is willing to pay that for a player like Hankins, who is good, but not big-money good.

There aren’t any other valuable defensive tackles on the free agent market that the Giants are interested in, but there are still some guys who could play a huge part on this team.

Adrian Peterson: RB

The Giants are in need of a running back and haven’t had a dominant running game since the prime days of Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw. Adrian Peterson would come in to this team and provide mentoring for Paul Perkins and a potential draftee. Who better to mentor a young running back than the best back of this generation? I also believe Adrian Peterson still has gas left in the tank. The Giants could sign him to a 1 year “prove it” deal for little money and an opportunity to play on a contending team. Peterson has said, though, he doesn’t want to play for little money. Another positive for the Giants signing him is that means that the Patriots won’t sign him and thats a win-win for every other team in the NFL.

LeGarrette Blount: RB

Another top running back still on the market is LeGarrette Blount. Blount played with the Patriots last year and was a dynamic piece in bringing them their 5th Super Bowl. Blount is a big back and is a huge goal line threat. Bringing him in would bring a very common look from the Jacobs-Bradshaw days, sort of like a one-two punch for the Giants. Blount also is still available, which means he’s not going to get big money. Signing him for a one or two year deal max would be in the Giant best interest in mentoring the young players and also providing a dominant run game the Giants are desperate for.

Jared Odrick: DE

Odrick is a guy who, at 29 years old, can still make a huge impact for a defense. He lived up to his huge contract earlier in his career and proven to be a dynamic player. Signing Odrick would be a smart move by the Giants because of the depth t would add on this defense. Jason Pierre-Paul has only played a full season once in the last four years and you can’t always count on everyone to stay healthy. Odrick is starter material and having him as a backup to Vernon and JPP would be ideal. The only problem with this is getting Odrick to agree to a small contract. The one thing that might be appealing to him is the ring, and, after all, isn’t that what everyone is after anyway?

The Giants still have a lot to worry about with the Draft coming up. They can draft any combinations of positions and i wouldn’t be shocked. There are many holes in the Giants team and the front office is going to try their best to fill them as best they can in the coming Draft. The Giants are in win now mode and are not wasting any time as Eli Manning’s career is coming an end soon. The Giants have the team and all they need is some final pieces to make a run for the Lombardi trophy.


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