Defensive back Myles Sims is quickly becoming one of the hottest names on the market this recruiting season. Myles Sims is a defensive back out of Westlake High School in Atlanta, Georgia and has racked up an abundance of offers throughout his career. The 6-3 athletic maniac has elite elusiveness and cat-like reflexes in regards to hunting down the ball. Sims’ nickname is “Spider” and it has become quickly known as to why he was given such a name. If a ball is anywhere near Sims, it seems as if he has a competitive advantage with eight arms, because he almost always disrupts or picks off the pass.

Recently, Sims was quoted to say that his favorite out of all the schools he’s been offered by are, in no particular order, Michigan, LSU, Georgia, Clemson, and Florida. Three SEC, one ACC, and one B1G team. Michigan seems to immediately separate themselves due the fact that they are the only team from the north. However, it has become known that Michigan is not just an option for Sims, but it’s near and dear to his heart.

Sims grew up in Michigan, moving to Georgia when he was younger. His parents, who worked for General Motors at the time, departed from Michigan before Sims came up as a top prospect. After a recent, and quite successful visit, Myles Sims said the time he spent in Ann Arbor was “spectacular” and “the best” visit he had been on. He made it clear that Coach Harbaugh connects with the players and does not focus solely on athletics. Sims was also intrigued with the fact that Michigan had the top business school, the Ross School of Business, in the nation. A student-athlete at it’s finest.

Myles Sims did not give a clear favorite, but it appeared Sims showed much more emotion and passion when talking about the Wolverines. After departures from Jourdan Lewis and Jabrill Peppers, Michigan would love to have an athletic powerhouse like Sims.

To take a look at what Myles Sims is really about on the field, click here for his page.

Myles Sims is expected to make his decision sometime around April, and is unclear how he will come out with his decision. Wherever this kid may end up, they are getting a special talent and an outstanding player on and off the field.

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