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    Andrew Stephens

    I just wrote probably my favorite article ever. It compares NBA Point Guards with NFL Quarterbacks.

    A few from it:

    ISAIAH THOMAS – RUSSELL WILSON “If I were 3 inches taller and had worse stats, I’d probably make more money”

    JRUE HOLIDAY – KIRK COUSINS “I am the human equivalent of paying the bouncer $5 for a cigarette while drunk. You don’t want me, but you need me”

    DERRICK ROSE – ROBERT GRIFFIN III “It would have been super tight if my knees and my body didn’t sustain a prolonged civil war against each other during the prime of my career”

    LONZO BALL – DAK PRESCOTT “I have a rabid fan base that is actively ready for me to reveal to them that I am, in fact, the second coming of Jesus Christ”

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    Collin Ginnan

    CHRIS PAUL/ANDREW LUCK. “I’m clearly one of the best players at my position, yet the rest of my team never puts in their work to get to the Championship.”

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    Marc Weems

    The Matthew Stafford and Kyle Lowry one couldn’t be more accurate. You missed a good one though: Jeff Teague-Tyrod Taylor. You’ll enjoy for half the year until you realize I’m not an all-star/pro bowler. Sorry to give you joyous disappointment.

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      Andrew Stephens

      Ooooh you are so right. “I’m here for a good time, not a long time” hahaha

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        Marc Weems

        Exactly. I might get you to the playoffs but that’s it. Also works with Andy Dalton and Goran Dragic. We are pretty good like first round exit good.

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