1. Overview

The Boston Red Sox have had many great players over the past decade, but who would make the cut for an all former Red Sox team? We’ll take a look at players who have since moved on from the Sox, but are still on Major League rosters.

2. Catcher- Victor Martinez

First off, we’ll start with Victor Martinez. The former Red Sox only played for a season and a half, but he contributed in a big way. In his only full season with the team, Martinez hit .302 with 20 home runs.

3. 1st Base- Anthony Rizzo

Rizzo was just a prospect when he was traded for Adrian Gonzalez, but boy has he transformed into a superstar. A catalyst of the Chicago Cubs, he helped lead the team to its 1st World Series in over 100 years.

4. 2nd Base- Jed Lowrie

Lowrie played parts of 4 seasons with the Sox, almost regularly serving as the utility man. His stats aren’t eye-popping, yet he is a steady presence who can play a multitude of positions.

5. 3rd Base- Adrian Beltre

The great Adrian Beltre. This former Red Sox was signed for a below market one-year deal at the time. Coming off of the worst season of his career, Beltre was an all-star and has gone on to play incredibly for the Texas Rangers. Furthermore, the Sox have been looking for a 3rd baseman ever since…

6. Shortstop- Jose Iglesias

Iglesias was a highly touted prospect for the Sox who wasn’t expected to hit in the Majors. He went on to start off his career incredibly for the Detroit Tigers and has a slick defensive presence.

7. Left Field- Yoenis Cespedes

Although Cespedes only played 51 games for the Red Sox, he played an important role for the team. The Sox traded him to acquire 2016 Cy Young Award Winner Rick Porcello. Yoenis has then gone on to be a perennial MVP contender for the New York Mets.

8. Center Field- Jacoby Ellsbury

Ellsbury left the Sox after helping the team win the 2013 World Series. The teams contract offer wasn’t as lucrative as the arch nemesis New York Yankees had given him.

9. Right Field- Josh Reddick

Reddick played parts of 3 seasons for the Sox as a young outfielder, but wasn’t given the opportunity to play a full season. He’s gone on to have a solid career and now plays for the Houston Astros.

10. Designated Hitter- Mike Napoli

Napoli was an integral part of the bearded men who won the World Series for the Sox in 2013. A converted catcher, Napoli has been a steady 1st baseman/designated hitter for the last several seasons.

11. Pitcher- Jon Lester

Lester was a former Red Sox great and fan favorite in Boston. He played over 8 seasons for the Sox and then got traded for a man named earlier, Yoenis Cespedes. This came as a shocker to fans, but the expectation was that the Sox would then sign him in free agency. After a few lackluster contract offers, Lester went on to sign with the Chicago Cubs and then helped anchor them to a World Series victory.

12. Former Red Sox Lineup

1 Jacoby Ellsbury

2 Yoenis Cespedes

3 Anthony Rizzo

4 Adrian Beltre

5 Victor Martinez

6 Mike Napoli

7 Josh Reddick

8 Jed Lowrie

9 Jose Iglesias

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