We’re back with another action packed episode. With preseason football starting up Thursday, we’re starting to think ahead to fantasy football, Hall of Fame speeches, and the best receivers of all time in our Best and Worst of the Week (1:00). Then we examine the Urban Meyer scandal, and how it relates (or doesn’t) to Josh Hader and a previous worst of ours, the Chicago foul ball guy (25:05). L.J. tries to fix what ain’t broken (35:21), chicken plays too big a role in professional sports (44:57), and maybe we miss live TV, but maybe we just miss seeing Die Hard popping on randomly (47:18). Ever forget why you walked into a room the second you walked in there? Ever wondered how guitars work? Let’s learn together (57:05). All that and more, this week on Just Press Play.

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A show about everything and nothing.
A show about everything and nothing.


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