For thirteen years Wayne Rooney plied his trade for a different United – the reds of Manchester. When he initially burst onto the scene as a sixteen year old he had all the traits to become a world class soccer player. Even at that early age one of his qualities stood out and that was his desire to work for the team.

He was essentially a centre forward but throughout his United career he was used out of position to accommodate other players. Instead of questioning his manager’s methods he put his head down and played wherever he was asked to. That shows that Rooney has always put the team above him and worked relentlessly for it.

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Assessing his impact so far

Rooney’s move to the MLS was heavily criticized by the media. It was said that he is merely the shadow of the player he once was. That he is past his prime and the move would not be beneficial for any party involved. In his four months in the MLS Rooney looks like a man on a mission to prove all of them wrong.

DC United fans too have witnessed something that they can’t just wrap their heads around. They have seen someone who can change the outcome of the game with one moment of genius and a resilient team player willing to toil for the team, a superstar without an ego.

In 21 games Rooney has bagged 12 goals and 6 assists. But his impact runs deeper than that. When he arrived, this DC United team’s progress was stagnated and they were bottom of the Eastern Conference. Nobody fancied them to reach the play-offs. Captain Rooney’s arrival did stir things up and gave his teammates extra confidence. Their hard fought 3-3 draw against the Red Bulls highlight the teams resilience. Even though they lost the play-offs to Columbus the future looks optimistic for the talented DC United squad.

Teammates’ views

Rooney has left the MLS in awe with his consistent display of pure genius and creating goals out of thin air. He has been nominated as finalist for the MLS MVP for his stellar performances. The incredible tackle and an inch perfect pass finished by Acosta that won DC United the match against Orlando will remain in fans’ memories for a few years.

But his teammates have been more impressed by how humble the guy is. David Ousted, the DC United Goalkeeper was full of praise for Rooney. He said, “You don’t know what to expect from a new teammate of his famousness and calibre. But he’s very low key. He’s very honest with everybody, and from minute one, I had a really good perspective of what kind of guy he was – no ego.”

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