As the Red Sox stumbled through the month of July, people started to wonder how long they would be able to remain competitive in the AL East. Yes, they were in first for most of the month (currently .5 games back of first), but they looked horrible. Their main guys, Mookie, Xander and Hanley were unusually quiet the whole month. On top of that you had the David Price vs Dennis Eckersley pissing contest. What an absolute disgrace that was. It’s almost impossible to defend David Price anymore and even David Ortiz thinks Price needs to apologize. The organization looked like an absolute joke in the last month, but two guys might have saved this team from imploding.

Rafael Devers and Eduardo Nunez combined have been exactly what the doctor ordered, and who knew! Nobody saw these two being the guys that got this team back in the win column.

Their spark has turned into a flame and now the rest of the team is hopefully hopping on board as they scored six runs in a win over the Indians a night a go.

Rafael Devers

The Red Sox called Devers up last week and he has appeared in six games since. In those six games he is batting .417 with 4 RBI and 2 home runs. He is carrying a .481 OPB and 2.231 OPS. Last night in a win over the Indians, Devers had himself a game!

And he made a little history in the process!

By the way, Aaron Judge has only one four hit game in 361 at bats, Devers got his first in only 24 at bats. Take your rookie of the year award and shove it, sir. We rise for Devers around here!

At this rate, Devers is going to be the greatest of all time.

There was no doubt that Devers could tear the cover off the ball. He did it consistently in the minors, but the question was his defense. He made quite a few errors in his short time in Pawtucket, but the defense isn’t what the Sox cared about. The Sox don’t need defense, they need a bat and Devers is giving you that right now. His confidence is sky high and he is just having fun out there.

He’s only six games in. But, we all know he can hit and now he is doing it at the major league level and providing an incredible spark in this lineup. The Sox needed someone to step up and the youngest guy in the clubhouse took the reigns.

Eduardo Nunez

Eduardo Nunez came over from the San Francisco Giants and when the deal went down no one was too excited about it. Red Sox fans wanted a bigger bat, not someone who just kind of hits. In 76 games this season with San Francisco, Nunez batted .308 with four homers and 31 RBI. He had a great batting average, but the Red Sox don’t need another guy that can just hit for average, they already have plenty of that. They need a guy who can drive in runs. So far, in four games with the Red Sox, Eduardo Nunez has showed us he can step up and be that guy. In his four games in Boston he has batted .471 with two home runs and four RBI. He also carries a slugging percentage of .941 and an OPS of 1.467.

Nunez already seems to like the Green Monster as both of his Red Sox home runs came on the same night over the Monster.

The Red Sox don’t need him to hit two homers every game, but if he can continue to produce at the plate, the Red Sox made a fantastic decision trading for him.

The Bottom Line

It has only been four games where Devers and Nunez have been on the field together, but the Sox have scored 5+ runs in two of those games. This is definitely a sign of things to come as the other guys on the roster begin to heat up as well. With the return of Joe Kelly and the addition of Addison Reed, the Red Sox are primed to turn August into a big month for the club!

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