Re-signing Jimmy Butler will absolutely be the Philadelphia 76ers priority this offseason. Regardless of whether they are successful or not in keeping Butler around, there is another looming issue. What happens with the 76ers other big free agent Tobias Harris?

Sixers general manager Elton Brand has expressed interest in bringing both Butler and Harris back for next season and beyond. Ownership led by Joshua Harris has said all the right things about willing to spend the necessary money to make that happen.

More than likely, the team would like to bring back a similar-looking roster as this past season with some minor adjustments. (Perhaps upgrading the backup center position and adding a free-agent backup point guard).

But does Harris want to return to the Sixers? What are his priorities when deciding on where to continue his career?

What’s up Harris?

The Sixers have a key advance when negotiating with Harris –- they can offer him the longest contract with the most money. They could also present him with a good opportunity to advance deep into the playoffs and play for a contender. Those are two solid starting points when pitching him to stay with the Sixers.

The issue resides in the fact that nobody but Harris himself are aware of his priorities entering free agency. Presumably, money and winning would be near the top of his list but perhaps there are other things to consider. If Harris wants to be one of the two best players on a team, the Sixers wouldn’t fit that bill.

Maybe he desires a primary role in a team’s offense. In Philadelphia, Joel Embiid and Jimmy Butler would be the primary players on offense.

In his short stint with the Sixers, Harris would sometimes disappear on the court. Brown ran so many plays for Embiid, Butler and JJ Redick, that Harris would only be used as a spot-up shooter.

Harris excelled with the Los Angeles Clippers when used in pick-and-roll, something Sixers head coach Brett Brown isn’t known for using. In fairness, Brown should more of a willingness to use pick-and-roll in the playoffs with Butler and Embiid. Maybe with a full offseason to plan around a new roster, Brown would look to change his offense to better fit this team.

Harris’ long-term plans is just one of the many storylines surrounding this pivotal Sixers offseason.

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