With the 2018 season in the books, I thought it would be a good time to take one last look at how Magnum Start Value (MSV) impacted the playoffs, and most specifically the World Series. You might be thinking this article will be discussing the Magnum Starts that did take place, however I am most interested in the one that didn’t.

To begin, it makes sense to divulge that both Boston and Los Angeles threw a Magnum Start in this year’s Fall Classic. Each of the MS’s were under the Monthly Minima Percentage (MMP) category of MO-Dot, and both clubs’ whose starter threw them won the game. However it seemed as though the Dodgers were about to even the Fall Classic at two behind a second straight Magnum Start last Saturday before Rich Hill was lifted.

Hill’s removal from the game did not go well for the Dodgers, who went from leading 4-0 in the top of the seventh to losing by a 9-4 heading into the bottom of the ninth. As we all know Los Angeles did not come back, not to mention the fact that they lost the fifth and final game of the series on Sunday 5-1.

Considering what occurred as a result of manager Dave Roberts decision to lift Rich Hill for Scott Alexander and the six others following him, was it the correct move? Absolutely not, especially when Hill should have had plenty left to finish the seventh if not get outs the following inning. This is where progress is hurting baseball. The concept that somehow all sorts of bullpen arms and matchups win games. All of that progress helped the Dodgers do one thing; progress to the offseason quicker.

Before we wrap up I think anyone should be able to see this problem, it shouldn’t take a world leader to figure this out. The deeper your starter goes into a game the easier it becomes to win because it lessens the potential for lower level bullpen arms to see action. All of this is reliant on your offense scoring your hurler runs to be in front, which is why I believe a great offense and a great starting staff will win you a lot of games. Figure the bullpen out later.

All in all, this Dodgers team that has won six consecutive division titles is a very good one, if not great at times. But in baseball that does not guarantee a World Championship for a multitude of reasons, mostly the sport’s unpredictable postseason. Don’t ever think this is not one of the great Dodger runs in franchise history, regardless of the fact that they none of their players are wearing a ring because of it. Keep in mind they do have young talent, so maybe it will happen in Hollywood. At least their fans hope so.

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