It’s been just about a week since news broke about Markelle Fultz and his thoracic outlet syndrome diagnosis.

The former first overall pick of the Philadelphia 76ers has had a rocky road since being drafted but that hasn’t halted interest in him.

A new team has appeared to enter the mix on Fultz.

Fultz to the Motor City?

Add the Detroit Pistons to the list of possible destinations for Fultz. The Pistons have shown interest, per Liberty Ballers and the Detroit Free Press.

It’s not a surprise due to the lack of guard talent currently on their roster. The Pistons strength is in the front court with Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond.

Perhaps the Pistons would be willing to move a role player or two, but it wouldn’t make sense for a team trying to make the playoffs.

Why would they hurt their chances now for a small chance Fultz turns into a future piece? And if the 76ers couldn’t get any valuable players back, it wouldn’t make sense to make a trade.

Think back to the Jahlil Okafor trade. It took a team out of the playoff race (Brooklyn Nets) to acquire him. The Sixers got nothing back in that trade.

It’s going to take a team out of the playoffs who is willing to take a chance on him to make it happen.

Trading him just to get rid of him isn’t a good enough reason.

The 76ers need to get Fultz back on the court before they decide on his future.

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