Delanie Walker has been in Nashville for four seasons now and he has easily become a household name for all Titans‘ fans. Walker, who is now 32-years old, has more than produced during his time with the Titans as he is still one of the top tight ends in the league and possibly the best in Titans’ history. Delanie has had over 3,000 total receiving yards (including a 1,000 yard year in 2015) and 23 touchdowns for the Titans. He has also had more than sixty receptions and thirty first downs during all four seasons in Nashville as well.

That’s why when Delanie said that new Titans tight-end Jonnu Smith (acquired in this year’s draft), it caught a lot of Titans’ fans off guard. While it did catch them off guard, it also gives Titans fans a positive attitude with a guy who will eventually be filling in the spot of Delanie as the #1 tight-end for the Titans. Smith, who stands at 6’3″ and 248 pounds, was a third round draft pick out of Florida International. While in college, Smith had a total of 2,001 yards on 178 receptions and 18 touchdowns. Delanie spoke on the fact that he thinks Jonnu will be better than him, via USA TODAY Sports.

“One day he will be better than me, and that’s his ultimate goal. And he didn’t feel that way, I wouldn’t want him here”.

While Delanie is still the number one tight-end for the Titans, it is always good to know that the Titans already have someone in place to fill his spot once his time is done in Nashville.

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