Cowboys tie for sixth best odds to win Super Bowl 53


With the Philadelphia Eagles winning Superbowl LII on Sunday night, we’re finally able to completely as a collective, look forward to what’s going to happen next year.

Even with the impressive Superbowl numbers that now come out of the NFC East, Vegas doesn’t care about that. They’ve already released their probably way too early Super Bowl 51 odds.

Even though they missed the playoffs in 2017, the Cowboys are still viewed as a pretty significant contender to take home the Lombardi Trophy in 2018. They sit tied for the 6th-best odds to win it all with the Rams, Saints and Falcons at 18/1. That’s some pretty nice company, as all of those teams except the Cowboys were in the playoffs in 2017. The Steelers, Vikings, Eagles, Packers and Patriots all came in ahead of Dallas.

Now is tied for 6th-best odds too high or too low for a Cowboys team that fell well short of expectations? Obviously, things are going to change this off season with the draft and free agency, but as of right now, 6th-best seems like a bit of a push for this group. Until the offense figures itself out and regains it’s form from 2016 (which is probably what Jerry thinks is gonna happen with the snap of his fingers), it’s gonna be tough to keep up with the top tier of teams.

We also must think about how the NFC East is likely going to shape up. The Eagles are likely going to be favored to win it, and with Carson Wentz coming back with that loaded roster and the Redskins will still be formidable with Alex Smith at the helm. It’s going to be tough to win it outright. A wild card spot is a real possibility, but even that would make the road to Super Bowl 51 very tough.

Vegas rankings are fun to look at and map out, but we need to slow it down a bit, expectations must e tampered, for now.

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