Reports surfaced this week that the Cowboys are set to host free agent wideouts Dontrelle Inman and Justin Hunter this week. Jerry Jones and company also mentioned that they plan on being more aggressive now that the first wave of free agents have signed.

Receiver is a position at which the Cowboys have obvious needs. They are also looking for offensive line and safety help, all of which can be addressed come draft day. The difference though, is offensive line help would be strengthening a strength, unlike receiver and safety. As of right now, Inman and Hunter are their focus.

As is ours in this article, plus what these two can bring to an offense that lacked big play ability all last season. The Cowboys need to, and likely know they should take advantage of Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott‘s abilities as much as possible when on their rookie deals. It’s a window that will close quickly, like all windows in this league. So, they need to surround them with the best weapons possible, that can fit under their salary cap.

With where the roster stands now, the more the merrier is probably the right mindset with Dallas receivers. This receiving core needs a spark. They need some intensity in training camp, where people are fighting for jobs. Dez Bryant, Terrance Williams and others can’t be sitting comfortably that they know they’re jobs are safe. signing a couple guys like Inman and Hunter can definitely make the other receivers better.

These two may not be the biggest names on the market, but in terms of speed, they’re right up there with the best of them. And with speed probably being the Cowboys’ worst attribute at receiver, it looks like the shoe would fit. Inman and Hunter likely won’t demand nearly as much money as bigger name brands such as Terrelle Pryor and Mike Wallace. With the Cowboys cap issues (AKA: Dez Bryant), they both look like two affordable options at this point.

Neither Inman or Hunter have lit it up over the past few years, though we really can’t look too much into it due to the teams they’ve played on. Hunter most recently played in Pittsburgh and we know the monopoly they run on receivers. Inman has also had a marginal role with the Chargers and a short stint with the Bears for his career thus far.

It’s only a matter of time before the dominoes start falling for Dallas. It’s too early to tell if bringing in either of these players will affect their draft strategy.

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