The third season of Amazon Prime’s All or Nothing series will document the 2017 season of the Dallas Cowboys. It will give fans behind the scenes footage of their up and down season, both on the field, in the locker room and outside the game through a documentary-style show. It’s the Dallas Cowboys folks. There will be drama.

Dallas follows the Rams and Cardinals to be highlighted in the bright lights of this show, in partner with NFL Films.

This is a rare, uncensored, look into the depths of what transpired in the eventful 2017 season that saw the Cowboys fall to 9-7. Something I’m sure Cowboys Nation would love to re live. Knowing that one of the largest stories league wide was the suspension of Ezekiel Elliott, it should make for some interesting content.

Other stories that should make for good television are Jerry Jones Pro Football Hall-of-Fame induction, Jerry’s feud with the league, the fall of Dez Bryant, and rise of the Cowboys defensive line.

Heather Schuster of Amazon mentioned:

“We are excited to announce that the third season of All or Nothing will feature the Dallas Cowboys. One of the best known and most captivating teams in the NFL, the Cowboys have a rabid fan base. This season will once again provide Prime members with incredible access, compelling drama and plenty of football action to entertain fans until next season.”

Season 3 begins on April 27th, which also coincides with the 2018 NFL Draft hosted by Dallas, is expected to be about 8 episodes long. ‘All or Nothing’ was also the winner of the 2017 Sports Emmy for Outstanding Serialized Sports Documentary.

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