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Kevin Colbert revealed….almost nothingin his presser on Monday. Sure, the Steelers don’t use a draft chart to guide them. They make a list of their top 20 and will follow that chart. Colbert reinforces the notion that the Steelers go for the best available athlete, stating that “drafting for need is never going to make you a better franchise”.

The Steelers schedulewas announced.  The NFL saysthe Steelers have the 12th easiest schedule based on the last season W-L of their opponents.

BTW – here’s a great videodocumenting the old Steeler strategy of trading away every draft choice for a veteran.

Chris Carter of DK Sportsand Tony Sereno’s cohost on Locked On Steelers podcast posits that teams are stealthy about whom they are looking at during the pre-draft months so as not to tip their hands.  Teams don’t want to give intel to competitors that would allow the competitors to take their high-priority picks.  Without doubting Chris’s observation, we challenge this strategy and how, in reality, it’s just over-thinking.

We discuss Jeremy Fowler’s ESPN article:For NFL prospects, cost of getting drafted can surpass $100K.

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