The Atlanta Braves have acquired Brandon Phillips in a trade from the Cincinnati Reds. Phillips had previously spent 11 years with the Reds as their second basemen. This isn’t the first time this off season that the Braves have tried to acquire Phillips. Phillips had blocked a trade that would have sent him to Atlanta at the beginning of the year.

Phillips still had 1 year left on his contract and has 14 million still promised to him by the Reds. The Reds will to eat  $13 Million of his contract that remains. The trade brings over relievers Andrew McKirahan and Carlos Portuondo. The Reds are in rebuilding mode so these move makes sense for a team looking for fresh talent. The move was also needed due to the buildup infielders in the Reds organization.

Look for Brandon Phillips on the Atlanta Braves in this upcoming season.

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