Cheatin’ for a Poke

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This week, the guys break down the best and the worst, including the insanity of twitter, running away with the tie, and a nu start (1:00), then get into the pinnacle matchups in sports right now. In the NBA, who shot J.R., when should you change a call, and who’s really the GOAT, or maybe just a goat (12:24). In the chase for the world’s nicest ashtray, we break down why we think we might be sleeping on hockey (35:15). When is it okay to make a dirty play (41:29), when is it okay to use a sock puppet online (48:40), and when is it a good time to fill up (55:44)? Also how long should you delay gratification (1:12:05)? The guys have all the answers, plus some new jams (1:19:34), this week on Just Press Play.
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A show about everything and nothing.
A show about everything and nothing.


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